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Movie Review: World War Z

I just saw World War Z and as we haven’t discussed a movie in over a year! Crazy considering that I LOVE movies.. I thought I’d jump in with a recent summer movie. This was marketed as, and is, a zombie flick – not usually my thing, but for those of you like me who aren’t really into the horror/monster/scare tactic genre, this was less like that and more action oriented.

It starts out with a family driving in traffic, people start running out of their cars and next thing you know its mass hysteria. The family takes off on foot and you get your first glimpse at the zombies, you see someone changing into a zombie and the action begins. Brad Pitt is the main character and patriarch of his family and apparently recently left his position working for the UN. He gets pulled in to track down the source of this global epidemic in exchange for his family’s safekeeping with UN officials. No spoilers here.

What I will say is that I enjoyed the acting, there was a lot of action, but it was a little uneven plot wise. Brad Pitt is going to a variety of places around the globe which was interesting to see and to follow how that came to be; there was a lot of tension throughout the film. There was very little focus or background on his family relationship or history which does make it harder to care about the characters or invest in them. I didn’t think the ending looped back to the beginning of the story, which I think would have added more depth either in understanding better or caring more. However, for the past year they’ve been talking about how the end of World War Z was entirely reshot which could explain it.

The zombies were runners which, I don’t care who you are or what you like, is scarier than any normal or slow moving creatures. Your heart rate definitely rises when things get moving. I don’t think it was a bad thing to not feel as invested in the characters or have a deep love story or subplot to the movie at all. It wasn’t the senseless gore, let’s hunker down and fight for our lives zombie film. This is because it wasn’t from the average joes’ perspective.

It’s literally what would the world governments do if this happened – you have access to more information and resources, you’re under fire, you’re firing and taking risks. Which is entirely different than what I expected and more what I like to watch.

In the age of Walking Dead, more and more zombie videogames and talk of Bath Salts inducing zombies on the news, I think zombies are the new vampires. If you’re hardcore into those things and are looking for a movie similar to all of that, World War Z isn’t what you’re looking for, if you don’t expect that and go in open-minded I think zombie-lovers to normal people alike would enjoy it. Overall, the acting, suspense and action scenes definitely make this a movie worth seeing.


Are you into the zombie craze? Have you seen World War Z – if so, thoughts?! Chances of a zombie apocalypse? Yes/No?

Until next time 😉