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Tour of Boston: Red Lantern

It’s been awhile since we’ve gone on a Tour of Boston and there are many great places since last time to share with you! First up is a restaurant and bar (more restaurant than bar,) Red Lantern.

Red Lantern is an Asian restaurant on the Back Bay/South End line of Boston. It’s owned by Big Night Entertainment Group who own a few of the best restaurants around – Empire (Seaport), Gem (Beacon Hill), Shrine (Foxwoods.)

Source: opentable.com
Source: Opentable.com

The atmosphere is funky and sexy. Lots of Buddha statues and lantern type lamps (go figure.) It’s a darker restaurant with red lighting; similar to a Lolita glow (which you should also check out for gourmet Mexican food!) I’ve been sat in the restaurant and had drinks at the bar.

Source: Yelp pictures

Most recently, we were sat at a large round table that has a smaller, round table top that revolves, in the middle so that you can share dishes around the table. This was convenient and a great idea because a lot of the dishes, whether it be appetizers, sushi or their bowls are best shared.

Awkward pic but this is the smaller center table

The bar area is small but when I was there, it didn’t get too overcrowded so it wasn’t really a problem and the bartender was great.

I really enjoyed the food! Their menu is pretty standard for high end Asian cuisine, appetizers in the form of potstickers, spring rolls, skewers etc, noodle bowls, rice bowls and sushi.

Their bowl dishes are large so if you don’t have my appetite and ability to consume multiple portions of food by myself, I recommend sharing or you’ll at least have leftovers. Their sushi was really fresh tasting and packed a lot of flavor.

Charashi Naruto roll

I’m not quite sure how to rate their service. The hostess who greeted me was great, friendly, knowledgeable and when some of the people I was with were running late, she put me at ease about the whole thing. My server seemed disinterested in taking our orders or answering questions and was never to be found when we wanted to order more or get the check.

However, on other occasions when I’ve been there I had no complaints, but also nothing standout and as I mentioned before, the bartender at the bar was great. Maybe it was just that one?

Just for fun - what's up?!

Their prices are moderate, pretty normal for that part of the city and type of place. Overall I would recommend it and it’s conveniently located to both the South End and Back Bay if you’re going out afterwards. Super close T access and $10 (night and weekend) garage at the end of the street (so I’m told… I valeted LOL)

Have any of you been to Red Lantern yet? Thoughts?! As always, share, tweet, Facebook, subscribe and…….. until next time,