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It is what it is(n’t)…

Today is May 12, 2012. I just finished downloading music and reorganizing a bunch of stuff on my Laptop (MBP) Ob-V! Anything less would be uncivilized. Woke up this morning made some oatmeal, brushed the gums, checked myself out a few times and finished watching Casino (one of the best films EVER) ate again, Flushed my email account(s) performed some Klass Duties and now I’m about to hit gym and before I do that, I thought I would share with those interested in reading, a little bit about how I got here.

Single Parent home as a child with a tough as nails Mother and a pain in the @$$ younger Sister (of course she’s my angel now) we didn’t have much except each other and the morals/values that were engraved in us by my “Wonder Woman” of a Mother. People often stare at me with dazed looks in their eyes when I passionately describe my motivation or drive. Well here is it. Welfare, Section 8, Food Stamps and a few more Government Aid programs left me crying most of my childhood. Never understanding why everyone else “Seemed” to have more than I did. Humility is the only word I can remember to describe it. It hurt so much this feeling of mine that once I stumbled upon my first job (bus boy) I was struck instantaneously with an unwavering need to continue this thing that was putting money into my pocket allowing me to pay for things and not feel so bad about myself.

Through College I was focused on the important things in life. Sports, Girls, Money, Girls, Jordan, Girls and of course Grades Ha (just tryin to keep it real) I worked hard in my undergrad to perform at a reputable level (R.A 3 yrs, Capt of the BBall, High Five’n the President when I saw him) you know, that guy! Hard work paid off and my Dual Major Marks landed me a Full Time position immediately after commencement (Yahooo). My job was with the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office under William R. Keating (My Hero). There I was able to learn much about politics but more importantly I was able to create, build and introduce Kupah James.

Now at 28 (skipping many important people and events in my life) I am able to work from the comfort of my BED or Double Papasan Chair and run a fully functional entertainment company/agency, instruct fitness, partner with two other genius’ on a clothing line and inspire/motivate/educate the minds of the future. I do not say this to cause any negative feelings or put myself in a category I do not belong in. I belong in the category of something bigger than myself. There is a purpose for me and I am able to put smiles on faces each and every day. For this ability, I am extremely thankful. ¬†For those who are in a situation they are not please with, Good. It will take that unhappiness to push, motivate and drive you out of your current misfortunes. I have made plenty of mistakes and I look forward to the mistakes I will make in the future. But I am LIVING and that’s what I was put here to do. LIVE and if I can help create that possibility in anyone else out there while I’m here then I am fulfilling my purpose.

So to those who don’t like their boyfriends, jobs, friends, residency, appearance, health, financial situation or anything else. The phrase “It is what It is” is only your continued submission of failure and I implore you to rethink your modern dialogue and try this…


To me that means that what it is right now ISN’T what it HAS to BE for you tomorrow. You may not agree and that is ok. Either way when anyone is ready to make a move. I’ll be right here willing to help in anyway I can.

Kupah James Out (KO)