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What If Kupah James was never in Entertainment?!?!?

I recently was having a conversation with my friend Sami and we were talking about careers/life choices, etc and ended up thinking about where we’d be if we made very different choices. I asked her where she thought I’d be if I never got into entertainment and it was HILARIOUS what she came up with. I asked her if she’d mind writing it up as a guest post of sorts for me to share with all of you and I think she had a little too much fun coming up with it. This is what she wrote:


Hi Everybody! This was a lot of fun for me, thank you all for reading. And, thank you Kup for letting me participate on your blog! When Kupah asked if I’d mind writing what I was trying to say, I started thinking about some specific questions… Where would he be? What would he be doing? Not focusing so much on how other people would be impacted, but how would he?

If Kupah James never found entertainment I think he’d still be living an all-around successful and fun life. You can change a career, but you can’t change who a person is and what makes them who they are. Kupah is outgoing, loud, positive, ambitious, creative and active with an entrepreneurial spirit. He would have to be doing multiple things and working with people as much as possible.

Corporate Kupah:

I picture him in a corporate/office setting wearing a suit (suspenders over the shoulders) because he’s in a leadership or management position. Having studied sociology and criminal justice and previously working at a D.A.s office, I imagine he’d be doing something law oriented to help people or project-manage for a cause/company that helped people. That could be in a government/ public service way, or more legally/advocate based.

I imagine he would still be doing fitness and Klass with Kupah. But, he’d be going to the gym more and teaching more fitness classes (sadly, not Street Feet) than he does now. Depending on his actual day job, he’d be trying to start a foundation or open a gym. He’d be using business connections to network and find capital for these ventures.

I think he’d be in a committed relationship, living with his girlfriend, but, unsettled and feeling slightly unfulfilled. I think he’d be pursuing so many projects, jobs and hobbies to fill those voids and not know what was missing. He’d travel for work or to meet a potential investor and then get the travel bug. At that point I think he’d be trying to see as much as possible throughout the year and look into the real estate game; which would lead him to go for his realtor’s license and open up that market in the city of Boston.

I think we’d still find Kupah always on the go, always talking to people, making connections, trying to catch the next wave and forward thinking about projects and jobs. It just would be in different circles, different industries and be different activities and hobbies. I think his personal life would be different and we would find him more in the financial district or Back Bay during Happy Hour than at the latest nightclubs during the Midnight Hour.

Kupah James: Tamed-

Kupah #2 is less of an outwardly force of nature. Obviously you can’t remove someone’s love of music and creativity, but, not being the lifeblood of his day, what would that look like on Kupah #2 where movement, music and that specific type of creative element isn’t at the fore front? Now, Kupah has a hard time focusing too much on administrative type tasks/routine tasks. But, what if you have that creativity and fast-paced mind without the “muscle memory” of channeling it outward?

I think we’d have an outwardly reserved Kupah (crazy I know!) who wrote constantly and was glued to a computer for work. He’d write books and weekly columns and have a blog he updated 2-3x a day. This Kupah would work from home, be self-made and entrepreneurial but, in a completely different way.

But, this Kupah would be a dad and married. He’d be the stay at home parent, with a business minded wife. He’d take his wife on exciting vacations and plan elaborate date nights. He’d treat her like the queen she would be and be attentive and romantic.  Think date nights and heartfelt cards, foot massages, etc LOL. He would still remain active, going to the gym regularly but now, instead of teaching fitness classes, he’d coach all of his kids’ sports teams and charm all the other moms and teachers at their schools. On a different personal note, he’d have his guys’ days with his friends at more local spots and spend his holidays at home instead of a gig!

This Kupah is still outgoing, still has his natural charm and people skills, and still has his focus and ambition. He’d be creative in his work and in his relationships but his social circle would be smaller in person, but larger to the masses through media. This Kupah would reach more people internationally/nationally through his writing.

Source: IMdB

Secret Agent Kupah:

This Kupah is the dream. This is the Kupah that our Kupah intended on being when he entered college and began his pursuits of sociology and criminal justice. This Kupah’s life is full of unending excitement (not always positive.) This is a Kupah who may have another undetermined name altogether. This would be James Cooper, FBI Agent.

This Kupah channels his talents and knowledge both physically and at a computer. He hates the reports he has to type up, the memos, the meetings that he’s not leading and reading all of the suspect profiles. He answers to somebody, multiple somebodies, but leads a team and makes more life-changing decisions in the field than he ever could in another profession.  He’d use his charm and personality to have the best solve rate, hands down. Who better to gather information, back suspects into a corner conversationally and get a confession or at least real information from someone’s mom or girlfriend?

Physically he would work out constantly and be active in his daily work activities. He would be amassing all kinds of connections and networking to use as sources, aides, and to have the hook ups as he travels around for a case.  Personally, he’d have few meaningful relationships outside of his partner, family and childhood friends.

This Kupah would maximize all of his strengths and passions, but would toe the line with censoring his comments and actions as he’d hate having to answer to someone and have that accountability to a superior. Think Mike Lowery FBI agent. He wouldn’t have as many projects and hobbies, but his career would, arguably, be one giant one. He’d travel and mingle and dance and be loud and make as big a  difference. But, his difference wouldn’t be as well-known (keeping government secrets and all.)

Source: Google Images


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Father’s Day Letter…

Hey Dad,

Haven’t seen you in awhile and I hope things are good with you? Me? I’ve been really busy with various things and I know you like to hear all this stuff so I’ll try to fill you in… I’m 28 now but people say I look 15 which I guess is a good thing so I’ll take it :) I have been living in the South Shore with Xavier for the past 5 years now in a complex we both are in love with. He’s good too, X just took a position as “Beverage Manager/Director” at a Fancy new spot in Boston. At first it was a little out of his comfort zone but he is proving that is capable of doing whatever he sets his mind to. No surprise to me. Whatever works right? Mom is in NH living with the G~Parents and they are all driving each other CRAZY which in turn is DRIVING ME CRAZY! Lol! She’s is doing the best I have seen in a long time, I can’t really tell you why but when you see her again i’m pretty sure she will be in a happy place. She’s hit some bumps in the road and you two not working out didn’t make the situation any easier :/ but she managed to raise two unbelievable individuals who do many a great thing each day with those around us. If it wasn’t for her; I/We wouldn’t be here today. So maybe I should be giving you props for picking the right woman?!… NAHHHHH! You’re still a bum. In your absence I have met some of the most amazing males which have helped shape me into the man I am today. D Normandin is my Big Brother from the organization I’m sure you heard of it? We are going on 19 years!!! Unreal! I’ll never forget the first time I met him and how nervous I was. Shhh don’t tell him but sometimes I still get butterflies when seeing him. Could just be the little boy in me, not sure yet TBD. Some outstanding names in the middle would be Larry Jackson, Sean Casey, Jack Kahn, Nathan Close, Raj Tulsiani… there are a few others. Then there is Kaz also known now as Dj Kaz. Many no him as my right hand man but I would say RIGHT HAND and argue that he is the most influential person in my life.  He’s helped me through some of the roughest times even when I didn’t think I would make it. We are two of a kind and have been inseparable since High School :P. He’s actually getting married this summer and I’m giving him away at the wedding; I fought his mom for the role. ANNND His fiance might not know this yet but she is getting a package deal with Kaz because where ever they go i’m living with them for the rest of my life.. Shh don’t tell her she’ll find out.

I should probably fill you in a bit about what I’ve been doing… Well I graduated Haverhill High back in 2000 and went on college at a private institute Curry. There I played Bball for 4 years started, and was given the honor of a Capt. for my Jr and Sr. years. I was able to receive two degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology which landed me a job for the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office after graduation. I  grew there as a motivational speaker and educator. Oh yea I started a business. It’s actually an umbrella corp that house a few smaller business beneath it. But I can’t give you all the details, you’ll have to wait till I see you. I will tell you that we put smiles on the face of THOUSANDS and give people a reason to be happy, dance and forget about their problems even if it is for only a few hours. You should know that the company is doing well enough for a staff and team of just under 20 people and it’s my full time gig. I couldn’t even begin to put my dreams on here but i’m sure you get the picture. Let’s put it like this. “whispering” I WANT IT ALL… Hehe. I have the best team possible and they are my family and I live for each one of them. I tell them but I don’t think they really know how important they are to me. Hopefully I am able to show them consistently so they fully understand…


I’m taking care of the Little Sis while you’re gone and she is in the best hands. She is helping trouble youth with lacking resources (funny how that works) and while she can’t always buy fancy things, her worth is immeasurable and there is no one like her. She is my rock, my angel, my breath, my heart I love her so much and she is making us both proud I promise.

I think That is about it… Just wanted to say Happy Fathers Day and catch you up a bit. Hope this was helpful and know that I smile everyday to the people because people deserve a reason to smile but if I had my way I would trade it all in for a conversation with you. It will happen soon enough I know but not yet, I still have A Billion things to do. I don’t think I was old enough to fully understand death but at 10 years old… It would have been nice to share a beer, check out girls, go see a game, watch a movie, FIGHT, sit on a park bench and listen to you tell me all the things I never heard from a father. But the only thing I will never be able to shake is wishing you were here just for a moment to say you were proud of me. I’m gonna keep working hard till I see you again and I know you will tell me. I look forward to that day. In the mean time…. Thank you for giving me a shot in this world to make any difference even if it’s large or small.


Your Son,