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Tour of Boston: Red Lantern

It’s been awhile since we’ve gone on a Tour of Boston and there are many great places since last time to share with you! First up is a restaurant and bar (more restaurant than bar,) Red Lantern.

Red Lantern is an Asian restaurant on the Back Bay/South End line of Boston. It’s owned by Big Night Entertainment Group who own a few of the best restaurants around – Empire (Seaport), Gem (Beacon Hill), Shrine (Foxwoods.)


The atmosphere is funky and sexy. Lots of Buddha statues and lantern type lamps (go figure.) It’s a darker restaurant with red lighting; similar to a Lolita glow (which you should also check out for gourmet Mexican food!) I’ve been sat in the restaurant and had drinks at the bar.

Source: Yelp pictures

Most recently, we were sat at a large round table that has a smaller, round table top that revolves, in the middle so that you can share dishes around the table. This was convenient and a great idea because a lot of the dishes, whether it be appetizers, sushi or their bowls are best shared.

Awkward pic but this is the smaller center table

The bar area is small but when I was there, it didn’t get too overcrowded so it wasn’t really a problem and the bartender was great.

I really enjoyed the food! Their menu is pretty standard for high end Asian cuisine, appetizers in the form of potstickers, spring rolls, skewers etc, noodle bowls, rice bowls and sushi.

Their bowl dishes are large so if you don’t have my appetite and ability to consume multiple portions of food by myself, I recommend sharing or you’ll at least have leftovers. Their sushi was really fresh tasting and packed a lot of flavor.

Charashi Naruto roll

I’m not quite sure how to rate their service. The hostess who greeted me was great, friendly, knowledgeable and when some of the people I was with were running late, she put me at ease about the whole thing. My server seemed disinterested in taking our orders or answering questions and was never to be found when we wanted to order more or get the check.

However, on other occasions when I’ve been there I had no complaints, but also nothing standout and as I mentioned before, the bartender at the bar was great. Maybe it was just that one?

Just for fun - what's up?!

Their prices are moderate, pretty normal for that part of the city and type of place. Overall I would recommend it and it’s conveniently located to both the South End and Back Bay if you’re going out afterwards. Super close T access and $10 (night and weekend) garage at the end of the street (so I’m told… I valeted LOL)

Have any of you been to Red Lantern yet? Thoughts?! As always, share, tweet, Facebook, subscribe and…….. until next time,

Chocolate Bar is Back for the Fall!

I am very excited to tell you all that Chocolate Bar is back, TOMORROW! The Chocolate Bar is featured at Cafe Fleuri in the Langham Hotel in Boston.

The Chocolate Bar is set up with a variety of stations that offer all different types of chocolate treats, desserts and food. The Langham Hotel describes it as such:

“The decadent Chocolate Bar features stations with varying levels of chocolate intensity and flavors – from white to dark and everything in between. A DJ plays hit music to set a fun, upbeat tone where families indulge in close to 200 pounds of premium chocolate each Saturday. A never-ending supply of cupcakes, truffles, brulees, bread pudding, crepes, whoopee pies and more take center stage while Executive Pastry Chef Jed Hackney creates rotating items with fresh, seasonal ingredients such as September’s lemon madeline with ivoire cremeax and strawberries, and a caramelized white chocolate torte with banana and sesame.

The DJ is yours truly 😉 They also serve chocolate based cocktails that can be included as a part of the package price. I look forward to the Chocolate Bar every year because it is so much fun (and we all know how much I love to have my fun!) Everyone enjoys it, the location is beautiful and you have awesome views of the city. The food options are always changed up a bit, like they mentioned in the excerpt from above, and it never disappoints.


If you have any friends or family visiting, bachelorette parties coming up, etc it’s a great place to bring them. It’s a unique experience and it’s in a great location to show anyone around Boston – and just in case it wasn’t clear.. it’s CHOCOLATE (who doesn’t love that?)

Until the end of next June, I will be there every Saturday from 11a – 3pm and I hope to see as many of you there as possible :)

Also, for something equally enjoyable and delicious, every Sunday at Cafe Fleuri they have their Sunday City Brunch. The best brunch option in Boston (in my humble opinion) while live jazz music is played.

If you’re looking for something to do around Boston during the day or as a visitor or for visitors – Saturday morning/afternoon at the Chocolate Bar and Sunday City Brunch. Then you can always check out Bond at night. Mentioned in this previous post; and your weekend in Boston is complete – word!

The Details:

Chocolate bar 11AM To 3pm Saturdays

$40 per person $55 with two chocolate martinis

$28 for children ages 5-12

250 franklin street boston, ma 02110

Reservation call: 617.451.1900, ext. 7125

Until next time – Subscribe, Comment, Check out the Chocolate Bar!

Tour of Boston: Hotel Indigo- BOKX

It’s that time again! Another new spot to share: This spot is not actually in Boston; it’s in Newton(399 Grove St, Newton, Ctr). But, close enough! I used to grab dinner and drinks here a few years ago from time to time but this Summer I’ve really gone quite a bit, had a gig there on July 4th and thought it’d be a good place to share with all of you!

It’s the Hotel Indigo. They have a restaurant/lounge called Bokx 109 and the Bokx pool. These places are really what I’d like to tell ya about! The food is good and there are a lot of options! It can be a little pricey and the kitchen is closed from 4-5pm (random!?), but the food and drinks are good enough where it’s not really a negative for me. The service is OUTSTANDING and friendly. Shout out to Elliot (fave bartender), Kim (fave server) and Jay (General Manager.) Jay was polite and seemed to work alongside his staff, which I respect. 100% KJ #CoSigned

When you’re outdoors, which I highly recommend doing there, it has a vacation-like atmosphere.   You don’t feel like you’re near Boston or in New England at all. The water is always perfect and refreshing; surrounded by super comfy chairs LOL!

It’s exclusive: not a lot of people know about it (until now!) But, like any place there are some elements that aren’t the best. The area is pretty small and can be tight.. it can be hard to come by chairs and to have enough space if you’re with a lot of friends. There’s an expensive price of admission out there ($20-25).. Personally, I think they should have a package situation that includes admission, chairs and maybe a drink or appetizer. BUT, all of that being said it really is fun and I love being there {as you can see 😉 }


I’d love to hear about any recommendations you have!

Tour of Boston: New Hotspot.. Emerald Lounge in Boston

Hey Everybody! How’s your week going?! I had mentioned in my last blog that I had an amazing new spot to share with you… It’s the new Emerald Lounge that’s opening with the new Revere Hotel in Boston!

I was able to get an inside look Memorial Day weekend.. but it’s official opening is TOMORROW. Now, I myself had some doubts about the name but be sure to ask someone the story behind it because it’s pretty #Klassy .

When asking about the story, you’ll hear about this whirlwind design that crosses the ceiling and goes down to the floor in the bar area that makes for a very innovative visual effect. The layout is groovy with an almost 70s feel. There are LED lights, very colorful with an AMAZING sound system. The sound system is set up to control every angle of the room; which is more accommodating for people. The couches and lounge areas are all open and spread out, it gives off a very comfortable and #Klassy vibe.

The food and drinks were great! I tried the lobster rangoon, cheese and meat board and coconut shrimp (no utensils needed.) They have some interesting twists to classic drinks. They muddle their cocktails with fresh fruit (huge fan of that!)

The service was really good; they’re definitely making an attempt at raising the level of service in Boston. The bartenders were informative and helpful. The staff and service really add to the experience at Emerald Lounge.

I’m interested to see what will happen as a result of the location; the neighborhood is on the edge of an area that has a bad rep but I’m optimistic.

Emerald Lounge is officially KJ #CoSigned. I really have to admit this place has made me excited for Boston and Boston’s nightlife. I had a great experience there and I highly recommend you all check it out and please let me know YOUR thoughts about Emerald Lounge!