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Can I have a smile?

So I was thinkin… (Uh-Oh)

People often say to me things like “You have too much energy and slow down, take a break or even a day off”. I hear this so much it almost becomes annoying. Key word being ALMOST…

Second, immediately following that comment is “Why are you always so happy or Don’t you ever have Bad Days?”.

I just wanted to express my thoughts about those comments. The energy that is inside of me is inexplainable, I have not yet been studied by those who contain the knowledge to tell me why I am an Off the Wall LUNATIC. So please allow this to be my warning, and disclaimer that I cannot help my energy level and no; I will not slow down or stop any time soon. Perhaps the real question you should be asking is why dont you do more with Yooooour life? Maybe that will give you a better answer and end-result.

As far my happiness? Happiness is not a pre-determined feeling that is planned out and has to be controlled by outside influences. Crazy I know huh? Happiness or the state of content is a CHOICE that one makes at the beginning of each day, remaining close to that decision allows that person to ignore drama infested gossip and life ending experiences. I choose this state of mind each and every day when I wake up and carry it with me through out. This allows me to focus on the important things that matter to me as well as those I care about. I absolutely have bad days like when my spiderman pj’s aren’t clean and I have a special somebody coming over. But I don’t let it change my universe or state of mind I just go with it and always tell myself someone has it worse than I do. Or… I just put on My Hulk or Iron Man ones (Depending on my mood)…

Back to the Happy thoughts why don’t you try it, see what happens. The worst that can happen is you smile for one extra second longer than usual… OH THE HORROR…. : P

This Note is not to anyone on my network of friends on Facebook, Twitter or who subscribe to my blog. This was just an outlet for my thoughts. Call it a public Journal… No secrets here. feel free to ignore, respond, or reject my thoughts

This is what I say to people who attempt to anger, upset or hurt me or my energy…

Anger ruins joy, steals the goodness of my mind. Forces my mouth to say terrible things. Overcoming anger brings peace of mind, leads to a mind w/o regret. If I overcome anger I will delightfully loved by everyone…



ABC’s of K-Walities…

This blog is just something to read when bored or to spark up conversation… I’m interested to know what other adjectives you can come up with that are different from the ones you see here. We thought it would be funny to come up with an Alphabetized List of Qualities one would be searching for in a Significant other. Here are the ABC’s of….. Ummmmm…. Well who knows… It was fun!

A List of Qualities an Old Friend and I came up with one night for fun! Enjoy and reply with others please.

Shout Outs to MK for your thoughts and input!

Ass & Abs
   Brass & Brains
   Common Sense & Consideration
   Driven & Dangerous
   Etiquette & Eventful
   Fierce & Faulty
   Generous & Geeky
   Hilarious & Humble
   Intelligent & Insightful
   Justified & Juicy
   Kool-Aid & Killer
   Loving & Lov3r
   More Loving… & Motivator
   Neat & Notorious 
   Open & “Oops”
   Protective & Professional
   Quaint & Qualified (lol)
   Robust & Romantic
   Sexy, Soulful & Spontaneous
   Tough & Tasteful
   UnConditional & Unforgettable 
   Villain & Vibrant
   Wonderful & Willing
   Xtrodinary  & X-Tra Ordinary
   Youthful & “Yes” Aka “Hell Yea”
   “Zzzz” & Never Over Zealous……….

Father’s Day Letter…

Hey Dad,

Haven’t seen you in awhile and I hope things are good with you? Me? I’ve been really busy with various things and I know you like to hear all this stuff so I’ll try to fill you in… I’m 28 now but people say I look 15 which I guess is a good thing so I’ll take it :) I have been living in the South Shore with Xavier for the past 5 years now in a complex we both are in love with. He’s good too, X just took a position as “Beverage Manager/Director” at a Fancy new spot in Boston. At first it was a little out of his comfort zone but he is proving that is capable of doing whatever he sets his mind to. No surprise to me. Whatever works right? Mom is in NH living with the G~Parents and they are all driving each other CRAZY which in turn is DRIVING ME CRAZY! Lol! She’s is doing the best I have seen in a long time, I can’t really tell you why but when you see her again i’m pretty sure she will be in a happy place. She’s hit some bumps in the road and you two not working out didn’t make the situation any easier :/ but she managed to raise two unbelievable individuals who do many a great thing each day with those around us. If it wasn’t for her; I/We wouldn’t be here today. So maybe I should be giving you props for picking the right woman?!… NAHHHHH! You’re still a bum. In your absence I have met some of the most amazing males which have helped shape me into the man I am today. D Normandin is my Big Brother from the organization I’m sure you heard of it? We are going on 19 years!!! Unreal! I’ll never forget the first time I met him and how nervous I was. Shhh don’t tell him but sometimes I still get butterflies when seeing him. Could just be the little boy in me, not sure yet TBD. Some outstanding names in the middle would be Larry Jackson, Sean Casey, Jack Kahn, Nathan Close, Raj Tulsiani… there are a few others. Then there is Kaz also known now as Dj Kaz. Many no him as my right hand man but I would say RIGHT HAND and argue that he is the most influential person in my life.  He’s helped me through some of the roughest times even when I didn’t think I would make it. We are two of a kind and have been inseparable since High School :P. He’s actually getting married this summer and I’m giving him away at the wedding; I fought his mom for the role. ANNND His fiance might not know this yet but she is getting a package deal with Kaz because where ever they go i’m living with them for the rest of my life.. Shh don’t tell her she’ll find out.

I should probably fill you in a bit about what I’ve been doing… Well I graduated Haverhill High back in 2000 and went on college at a private institute Curry. There I played Bball for 4 years started, and was given the honor of a Capt. for my Jr and Sr. years. I was able to receive two degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology which landed me a job for the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office after graduation. I  grew there as a motivational speaker and educator. Oh yea I started a business. It’s actually an umbrella corp that house a few smaller business beneath it. But I can’t give you all the details, you’ll have to wait till I see you. I will tell you that we put smiles on the face of THOUSANDS and give people a reason to be happy, dance and forget about their problems even if it is for only a few hours. You should know that the company is doing well enough for a staff and team of just under 20 people and it’s my full time gig. I couldn’t even begin to put my dreams on here but i’m sure you get the picture. Let’s put it like this. “whispering” I WANT IT ALL… Hehe. I have the best team possible and they are my family and I live for each one of them. I tell them but I don’t think they really know how important they are to me. Hopefully I am able to show them consistently so they fully understand…


I’m taking care of the Little Sis while you’re gone and she is in the best hands. She is helping trouble youth with lacking resources (funny how that works) and while she can’t always buy fancy things, her worth is immeasurable and there is no one like her. She is my rock, my angel, my breath, my heart I love her so much and she is making us both proud I promise.

I think That is about it… Just wanted to say Happy Fathers Day and catch you up a bit. Hope this was helpful and know that I smile everyday to the people because people deserve a reason to smile but if I had my way I would trade it all in for a conversation with you. It will happen soon enough I know but not yet, I still have A Billion things to do. I don’t think I was old enough to fully understand death but at 10 years old… It would have been nice to share a beer, check out girls, go see a game, watch a movie, FIGHT, sit on a park bench and listen to you tell me all the things I never heard from a father. But the only thing I will never be able to shake is wishing you were here just for a moment to say you were proud of me. I’m gonna keep working hard till I see you again and I know you will tell me. I look forward to that day. In the mean time…. Thank you for giving me a shot in this world to make any difference even if it’s large or small.


Your Son,



It is what it is(n’t)…

Today is May 12, 2012. I just finished downloading music and reorganizing a bunch of stuff on my Laptop (MBP) Ob-V! Anything less would be uncivilized. Woke up this morning made some oatmeal, brushed the gums, checked myself out a few times and finished watching Casino (one of the best films EVER) ate again, Flushed my email account(s) performed some Klass Duties and now I’m about to hit gym and before I do that, I thought I would share with those interested in reading, a little bit about how I got here.

Single Parent home as a child with a tough as nails Mother and a pain in the @$$ younger Sister (of course she’s my angel now) we didn’t have much except each other and the morals/values that were engraved in us by my “Wonder Woman” of a Mother. People often stare at me with dazed looks in their eyes when I passionately describe my motivation or drive. Well here is it. Welfare, Section 8, Food Stamps and a few more Government Aid programs left me crying most of my childhood. Never understanding why everyone else “Seemed” to have more than I did. Humility is the only word I can remember to describe it. It hurt so much this feeling of mine that once I stumbled upon my first job (bus boy) I was struck instantaneously with an unwavering need to continue this thing that was putting money into my pocket allowing me to pay for things and not feel so bad about myself.

Through College I was focused on the important things in life. Sports, Girls, Money, Girls, Jordan, Girls and of course Grades Ha (just tryin to keep it real) I worked hard in my undergrad to perform at a reputable level (R.A 3 yrs, Capt of the BBall, High Five’n the President when I saw him) you know, that guy! Hard work paid off and my Dual Major Marks landed me a Full Time position immediately after commencement (Yahooo). My job was with the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office under William R. Keating (My Hero). There I was able to learn much about politics but more importantly I was able to create, build and introduce Kupah James.

Now at 28 (skipping many important people and events in my life) I am able to work from the comfort of my BED or Double Papasan Chair and run a fully functional entertainment company/agency, instruct fitness, partner with two other genius’ on a clothing line and inspire/motivate/educate the minds of the future. I do not say this to cause any negative feelings or put myself in a category I do not belong in. I belong in the category of something bigger than myself. There is a purpose for me and I am able to put smiles on faces each and every day. For this ability, I am extremely thankful.  For those who are in a situation they are not please with, Good. It will take that unhappiness to push, motivate and drive you out of your current misfortunes. I have made plenty of mistakes and I look forward to the mistakes I will make in the future. But I am LIVING and that’s what I was put here to do. LIVE and if I can help create that possibility in anyone else out there while I’m here then I am fulfilling my purpose.

So to those who don’t like their boyfriends, jobs, friends, residency, appearance, health, financial situation or anything else. The phrase “It is what It is” is only your continued submission of failure and I implore you to rethink your modern dialogue and try this…


To me that means that what it is right now ISN’T what it HAS to BE for you tomorrow. You may not agree and that is ok. Either way when anyone is ready to make a move. I’ll be right here willing to help in anyway I can.

Kupah James Out (KO)

Virgo Man

Virgo Man

The, Virgo man is demanding, He doesn’t settle for second place. You must make him feel he comes first. He is mercurial, earthy; he usually says what he means – and, most often, He does mean what he says. If you are looking for a slick Romeo, look elsewhere. He is practical enough to be a good provider and sensitive enough to know when you’re pretending. He is practical, honest, and fair: he is also basically sky. He has difficulty expressing sentiment. His feelings run deep. But there is an emotional shell. You must be patient and, above all, loyal. If you’re considerate, he will rise above adversity and will strive to bring you the gift of happiness. He is the opposite of pretentious. You should aid in building his confidence. He needs a woman, who has faith in him, can appreciate his willingness to work toward and achieve major goals. Once he feels he can trust you, he is transformed; he changes from failure to success and devotes his energies toward your welfare.

Just thought I would introduce myself. Be back later with more.




sometimes people ask me “How I do what I do?”… Well…

“I am an almost young man and i found your website and info thru a stuff magazine i was reading and certain things intriqued me. I find myself in a position in my life were i realize i might not have learned or been abel to suceesfully acheive adult hood.I am now a single parent who not only has a son with me in a homeless shelter but i also have 4 more to take care of. I have returned back to school and realized at my age i still have a lot to.Some of the things you are teaching these young men,are also things some of my peers might be able to appreciate. I thank you for takin the time to read this and would like to hear from you about anything that might be relevant,Thank you once again.”

I will continue to be Kupah James for as long as I can. Helping people help themselves is my goal. I truly believe in the power of drive, ambition, and VISION. If any of you know a school, group of people, organization, park bench where people might actually benefit from what I say, think, feel and the way(s) I live my life. Please connect us so that we can all leave the place a little better than the way we found it.

Boston’s Sexiest…

Well if I was looking for a reason/excuse to blog this would be it. Recently featured in the April Edition of Boston’s Sexiest Entrepreneurs I find myself flattered and humbled at the same time. For the last 12 years I have had one focus and that focus has been to make a living for myself, provide for others and live a balanced life. What that means is different for each individual and for me well…

28 years of age I am Kupah James and I currently run, own and operate Kupah James Inc. An umbrella corp for multiple small businesses. KlassUniversalEnt, Urban Kinetiks and “Koreography of Life” to name of few, each one of these entity’s would give anyone a good idea of what I’m about. A true kid at heart who loves to play and hang with my friends and loved ones, I was faced with adversity, poverty, racism and other debilitating factors early. All I remember thinking growing up was “How come I can’t have that?” This phrase amongst others lives with me still and is my motivation to get up each and every day and prevent myself from ever having to relive those moments.

Now I write to those willing to listen and share my stories about what I did to get where I’m at and what I will continue to do to get where I’m going. It isn’t easy, it isn’t always fun, it comes with a price and the sacrifices are plenty. You have to keep yourself focused, driven, humbled and confident in your abilities. Trust yourself and those you surround yourself with. Keep your head up, most importantly welcome the challenge you have just set for yourself and find comfort in the fact that while others will cave, break and lose where you will stand strong, remain resilient and succeed.

“I’m about whatever man” Drake Song Titled “Up All Night”

Your Boi.