10 Things That Aren’t Supposed 2 Happen But Just Might

10. Zombie Apocalypse

9. Global Warming

8. Contact w Life Forms From Outer Space

7. Technology will eventually take over

6. You will never get that drunk again.

5. Kids should never be the parents until they ARE the parents.

4. Mistaken identity and it’s not good #YouveGotTheWrongGuy

4b. Mistaken identity and it IS GOOD – #HilarityEnsues

3. Your girlfriend and your wife get along.

2.  Your favorite TV show gets canceled before the story ends.

1. All of the things you think you can never achieve and never will work out. Happen and do.


surprise party meme

What could you add to this list?! What things that weren’t supposed to happen to you, actually did??

What do you wish WOULD happen even though it shouldn’t? What do you hope NEVER does???