Summer Memory: Family Gatherings

So I’ll be 30 in a few short months and I got to thinking about how I got here. But rather than the story about struggle and my education, I took a trip down memory lane. I recalled a fond memory of early Summer mornings (4-5am) when my mother woke me and the lil sis up. There wasn’t much packing because mother made us pack the night before : ) After a quick faking of the brushing of teeth (shhhh!) we would grab a light snack and some last minute rechargeable batteries for the Walkman and head towards G-Ma’s house for Roll Call.

Once we arrived at G-Ma’s it was time to meet and greet with the fellow cousins. This interaction usually resulted in the first of many warnings about “turning the car around and going straight home” HA, empty threats. Pffft. After a game of Hide n Seek or Tag in between the cars we are all sat down and read the rules of engagement. Then it’d be time for the road trip. 

Destination: Laconia. The most important thing on any of these trips was the Sony walkman and at least 5 compact discs (remember those). Of course you had to have the coolest headphones around which at the time were not wireless and did not have a Beats by Dre slogan anywhere in sight. Car ride was always decent because you got to see different neighborhoods and the air was always so much cleaner the farther north we went.  

The arrival to the beach was cool although you were almost ready for a nap after the 90-120min car ride. At that point you’d want to go run off with cousins and friends but that was not going to happen; First you had to set up shop with family. The routine: place blankets and coolers down, set up umbrellas and of course, run back to the car numerous times for things forgotten. 30mins later we were off! Water splashing, playing games of chicken in the water, Frisbee, Football; anything you can think of were all part of the experience. Sun & Fun was all that mattered; didn’t have a care in the world. I miss those days but I also am thankful for the memories that came from them. : ) 

Looking forward to some fun, sun-filled memories this Summer! Please share any of your Summer memories in the comments section!