Black Swan

So, I just watched Black Swan for the first time. Before I watched it I had of course heard many mixed opinions about it. So going into it I tried to remain objective and just let the movie dictate my thoughts, emotions etc. Now after watching the movie, realizing that I am no expert by any means, I do have some thoughts I felt like sharing. I would like to state now that the following is completely just from MY point of view as a man. It doesn’t apply to all men or all women or all situations, and I realize there are a variety of themes and points and layers to this movie. I’m just going to hone in on one aspect that struck me personally. (DEEP INTAKE OF BREATH) now GO:

I don’t understand how anyone could watch this movie and not feel some sort of extreme sympathy for women. If I didn’t already realize all that women had to go through and all that they’re capable of emotionally; bearing children, nurturing, building, organizing, supporting, unconditionally loving (in many ways they’re the stronger sex),  this movie certainly added a new element to a woman’s range. It’s the psychological element that I feel the average man would be totally excluded from understanding, yet it’s an element that is so easily influenced positively and negatively by men. And granted, not just men, the character Nina was influenced by herself, Lily’s character, her mother etc. But the point is more about giving insight to men into how they’d never realize the majority of women could probably relate on some level to Nina’s character.

The forced narcissism, the idea that they’re never enough, the striving to be absolutely perfect, it’s just this psychological stew of thoughts, emotions and pressure that go through a woman’s brain every few seconds while trying to appear totally fine and play it all off. It’s not a weakness, it’s amazing and humbling as a man. Asking a woman how her day was: she could easily have been stressed, excited, happy, felt attractive, felt unattractive, let her mind run away with itself with worry, laughed and felt care-free, all in the first three hours of her day and so when she just says “it was fine” there were SO many more layers to her day and to each interaction she had.

I think there should be a call to men to make a solid effort to be more of a woman’s companion, than say, a woman’s provider for example, because men really are not accountable on this level.  Men shouldn’t be “saving” women, but they should have an active role in developing a healthy self-esteem and PARTNERing with women. This movie opened my eyes and I recommend it to all of you. Men, don’t judge try to understand. Women, learn from it and own your emotions and your dreams. All of you, be confident and honest in your lives. Harmony and love! Kupah James