Make Moves

Hey Everybody,

So, I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from the AOL campaign and it’s just been overwhelming (in a good way) and I feel I need to pay it forward. The AOL ad features me as a DJ and motivational speaker and it’s been a springboard for a variety of opportunities. The majority of these conversations have been focused on the motivation, about Klass and what our team does and the example we set. There are no words for how grateful and exciting it is to hear that, however Klass wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be here had it not been for people, experiences, and words motivating and inspiring me and us. I’d like to share some of that which has motivated me personally in the hopes that all of you will then be able to be all that you can be, or Make Moves (KJ #cosigned), in your lives to be the motivation and inspiration to someone else who can learn from you and then continue the cycle.

There are a lot of sources of motivation for me which include but are not limited to all of my loved ones, Gandhi, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, movies and music. I believed there is AT LEAST one line in every movie that can serve as a life lesson. Funny or serious, lyrics in a song can provide the words to any situation that leaves you speechless. Put words to things you can only feel. Or, usually in my case, get me MOVING. Those that know me best know I dance my way through the day. I’m ALWAYS moving.

This world holds endless opportunity for success and happiness and love. It starts with each of you, so pay attention, this is #KupahJames101, all day everyday: MAKE MOVES and share some of your motivations and some of your experiences motivating others, I’d love to hear about the impact you all are making on this world!


Pro & Cons…

This will fa sure be part of a longer blog sometime later one but I needed to get this thought out. I have so many flaws it’s not even funny. But what makes me who I am are those flaws and I have to look at myself in the mirror everyday and remember who i answer to, and this is myself FIRST! What that means is that I am not influenced by each person opinion of my work ethic, suspenders, energy or overbearing attitude. I am who I am and while I plan to be the best Kupah James I can be each day. Please note some of my flaws will enhance and some will not. I implore anyone reading this to take the same stand. Stop letting the universe tell you what to do, what is cool, what’s trending, who to date and when to do stuff. Do what you want, when you want, how you want. Just mindful of others around you and how your behaviors will affect others. Other than that LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Live it and stop worrying about everyone else’s opinion. Live YOUR Life and be happy with who you are. That’s what I think anyway… More to come… Until Next Time…

AOL’s Boston Authentic

Some four Months ago through a dear friend of mine whom I respect tremendously for her ability to MakeMoves as a Mother, Business Woman, Sexy, Driven, Smart and a Friend. She came across an amazing opportunity for me to be apart of an new cool original campaign for AOL.

AOL was searching for Boston Authentic’s or individuals they felt were original and unique in their everyday living. Out of 60 folks all doing wonderful things I was lucky enough to gain the attention enough to own a spot of 6! A Video/Photo shoot quickly ensued and then December 3rd 2011 wild postings began popping up all over Boston, Brighton, Cambridge and surrounding towns. Pandora, Taxis, Bus Shelters, Underground T Stations and ultimately a 20’x 60′ Billboard located at 1330 Boylston St Boston Ma.

The experience has been amazing and I have received tons of positive feedback and compliments for the campaign as well as numerous leads on other opportunities. I’m completely amped about what is next but I felt that so many people have been asking “How, Who” etc. I decided to explain to those who may still be interested in my role and how it came to be. The campaign is now in its 10th week when it was only supposed to be one month! R U Kidding Me!?

Thanks for all of your support throughout this chapter in my life. Hopefully the next one will be just as exciting and I hope you stick around for the ride!