Tuesday April 12th, 2011

Just finished having lunch with two of my favorite people, Xavier Molina (Cuzo) and Shadi “Lo” (Universal Utility Personnel for Klass Universal Entertainment). Good times… Shadi is one the most amazing individuals I have ever met and I truly feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with him and share a friendship. X, What can I say about that dude. Most humble, honest, loyal being on the planet.

Lunch was good, it was X’s first day off in awhile so we went to Legal Sea Foods, one of his favorites and he knows the Tenders there. All is good in the neighborhood. Shadi ate his food so fast that we were making fun of him (what else is new) Xavier was recruiting new Tenders and I was stuck on my phone (what else is new). Nothing really special going other than that. Just wanted to share! Until Next Time Friends!