sometimes people ask me “How I do what I do?”… Well…

“I am an almost young man and i found your website and info thru a stuff magazine i was reading and certain things intriqued me. I find myself in a position in my life were i realize i might not have learned or been abel to suceesfully acheive adult hood.I am now a single parent who not only has a son with me in a homeless shelter but i also have 4 more to take care of. I have returned back to school and realized at my age i still have a lot to.Some of the things you are teaching these young men,are also things some of my peers might be able to appreciate. I thank you for takin the time to read this and would like to hear from you about anything that might be relevant,Thank you once again.”

I will continue to be Kupah James for as long as I can. Helping people help themselves is my goal. I truly believe in the power of drive, ambition, and VISION. If any of you know a school, group of people, organization, park bench where people might actually benefit from what I say, think, feel and the way(s) I live my life. Please connect us so that we can all leave the place a little better than the way we found it.

The Day After…

Friday: Tash Shows up and we spend the day Shopping and buying her all kinds of goodies while making friends. Weird that we would make friends in public. It’s not like we are social or anything. 3 Outfits and 4 Heels Later she is a new woman with bags for days. YES, I made her carry her own bags. Friday night we checked out Dj KAZ formerly known as DJ TWIST at FELT, Boston. Night was all good until “Whip My Hair” came on and some girl Got her hair WHIPPED hahah! No Bueno so we rounded up the troops and SKATED. NOT MY SCENE.

Saturday: Tash visited me at the Chocolate Bar where I Dj every Saturday afternoon from 11am-3pm. She came, she saw, she conquered the Chocolate that is (and my wallet I might add). Later in the day Cousin Steve came to join the party and we all caught a quick cat nap. Then it was onto the next one. First a stop at Lolita to visit Xavier (Cousin)(Kup’s Roomate). Then off to BOND where DJ KAZ and KLASS were Spinnin. What was supposed to be a low key GRENADE turned into a Balls Out Celebration! Krazy how that happens whenever we are in the Building?!?! Tash was Dancing, Drinking, Mingling, Drinking, Laughing, Drinkinggggg. Someone find her and ask her how that worked out???

Easter Sunday: Tash no longer believes in Jesus because he would’ve never let Saturday Night Happen Haha. She has been UP-Chucking (That’s how she says it) Since Saturday night all the way through Sunday. We all watched the Heat Lose and The Celts Sweep So aside from the Launching Up of Tash’s intestines, The Day WAS GREAT! At night we have movie night and watched BOLT, Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Not her favorite movie.

Monday Morning: Now I’m watching her pack and sad already because I miss her! She is my angel, my motivation, my positive mood, my happiness and I hate to see her go. We have already made promises to see each other soon and Kup doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. I hope she has a safe trip home and I will be waiting for her safe arrival later this day.

Love you Sis! Hope you had a good time with Family and Friends. S2B forever!

Tuesday April 12th, 2011

Just finished having lunch with two of my favorite people, Xavier Molina (Cuzo) and Shadi “Lo” (Universal Utility Personnel for Klass Universal Entertainment). Good times… Shadi is one the most amazing individuals I have ever met and I truly feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with him and share a friendship. X, What can I say about that dude. Most humble, honest, loyal being on the planet.

Lunch was good, it was X’s first day off in awhile so we went to Legal Sea Foods, one of his favorites and he knows the Tenders there. All is good in the neighborhood. Shadi ate his food so fast that we were making fun of him (what else is new) Xavier was recruiting new Tenders and I was stuck on my phone (what else is new). Nothing really special going other than that. Just wanted to share! Until Next Time Friends!

Boston’s Sexiest…

Well if I was looking for a reason/excuse to blog this would be it. Recently featured in the April Edition of Boston’s Sexiest Entrepreneurs I find myself flattered and humbled at the same time. For the last 12 years I have had one focus and that focus has been to make a living for myself, provide for others and live a balanced life. What that means is different for each individual and for me well…

28 years of age I am Kupah James and I currently run, own and operate Kupah James Inc. An umbrella corp for multiple small businesses. KlassUniversalEnt, Urban Kinetiks and “Koreography of Life” to name of few, each one of these entity’s would give anyone a good idea of what I’m about. A true kid at heart who loves to play and hang with my friends and loved ones, I was faced with adversity, poverty, racism and other debilitating factors early. All I remember thinking growing up was “How come I can’t have that?” This phrase amongst others lives with me still and is my motivation to get up each and every day and prevent myself from ever having to relive those moments.

Now I write to those willing to listen and share my stories about what I did to get where I’m at and what I will continue to do to get where I’m going. It isn’t easy, it isn’t always fun, it comes with a price and the sacrifices are plenty. You have to keep yourself focused, driven, humbled and confident in your abilities. Trust yourself and those you surround yourself with. Keep your head up, most importantly welcome the challenge you have just set for yourself and find comfort in the fact that while others will cave, break and lose where you will stand strong, remain resilient and succeed.

“I’m about whatever man” Drake Song Titled “Up All Night”

Your Boi.